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So now it's time to take your tour of the house!

frontThe front garden is wonderfully designed to make each trip to the front door a beautiful one. Our lush garden is filled with a wide variety of colorful tropical plants. Large palm trees surrounded by a stunning blast of color make the walk up to the house very memorable. It is filled with pink, red and purple bougainvillea; coral, red and yellow hibiscus; scarlet red and yellow Mandeville; and other tropical plants. A dazzling Copa de Oro climbs along the wall of the garage and reaches up to the casita.

The massive wooden door in the driveway leads into the garage. Above it is a small casita, which is our manager's work space. The two paths through the colorful garden lead to a patio in front of the entrance to the house. On the right is an exquisite fountain positioned against a wall. The theme of this patio honors the Mayan Sun God, with a beautiful representation on the patio in front of the steps to the house. A cushioned bench provides a quiet spot to sit and take in the surroundings.

The oversized paneled wooden door taken from a Spanish design leads into a small foyer. As soon as you enter the ground floor, you will surely be staggered by the breathtaking view of the Caribbean. We designed this house to allow for a lot of natural light and to have a spectacular view of the sea and beach. You'll agree that it was worth it. There are covered balconies, with lounges and a dining table and chairs, on both floors, facing the sea.

Just a short distance from the shore outside Ka Kuxta is a reef which is part of the second largest reef in the world. Unlike other destinations on the coast, the thick reef protects South Akumal from large waves, making the bay both safe and calm. Here, divers and snorkelers can explore a thriving community of tropical fish and underwater flora. Ka Kuxta has a soft, white sandy beach, where you can sunbathe and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the sea.

As you enter the house, youŽll find a bar area to your left, a fully-equipped kitchen and breakfast bar. Counter tops are granite and the tiles in the kitchen are -- sshhh! -- French.

One step down takes you into our living room and TV area. There is a very comfortable, custom-made sectional sofa and chair in the living room area. There is a love-seat with two chairs in the TV area. Since we have a big screen TV, you can view it while lounging in the living area or when seated nearby. We have an impressive DVD collection for both adults and children.


All of the furniture in our home, with the exception of the dining table and chairs on the second floor, are custom made. The downstairs, like the upstairs, has two bathrooms; one with a tub and shower and the other with just a shower. The bathrooms downstairs are decorated with beautiful Mexican tiles, while the upstairs bathrooms are decorated with marble.

The master bedroom on the first floor has a king-size bed and a comfortable seating area which faces the sea. The view of the water and beach is spectacular, especially at sunrise. The other bedroom looks out onto our vibrant and lush tropical garden. It has two twin beds which our staff can convert to a king-sized bed if you wish. Waking up to the sounds of birds gently chirping and palm fronds gently swaying is a relaxing experience. Blackout curtains in all bedrooms provide privacy and allow you to sleep as late as you like.

The second floor is a bit larger and slightly more formal. We like eating dinner upstairs and enjoying the stunning view. The dining table, an antique reproduction made of beautiful dark wood, is large, seating eight people easily and ten people comfortably. The chairs are made with matching wood and similar designs. There is an oversized sofa between two comfortable cushioned wicker chairs in the living room. The well-appointed kitchen has granite counters and a stained glass window with vibrant colors depicting a fruit basket. There is a granite island in the middle of this kitchen, with storage shelves, a wine rack, and four stools.

There are two bedrooms on the second floor as well. One has a queen-sized bed that has its own wrought-iron balcony which looks down onto the garden. This room contains a great variety of colorful art pieces. The ceilings in this bedroom and in the master bedroom on this floor are actually the inside of a dome (called a boveda) which is completely lined with red bricks, laid by hand.

The master bedroom contains a very comfortable king-size bed which lies under a boveda made of handmade bricks. You can enjoy the exceptional view in the sitting area or in the bed. This bedroom opens to the large wrought-iron balcony which stretches across the entire second floor, on the beach side of the house. This balcony, with its striking wrought-iron and thickly cushioned chaise lounges, is one of the most ideal places to settle down and read in the shade while overlooking the spectacular turquoise waters.

Throughout the house you will find impressive artwork.

From outside the house you will see a magnificent stained glass window depicting the Mayan tree of life. It extends from the second floor to the rooftop. All of the stained glass throughout the house was made by an artist from Puerto Morelos. All of the artwork downstairs has been collected from this part of the Yucatan. The Mayan sculpted panel on the wall near the bar is a replica of a famous stella and was made by a local artist.

As you travel up the staircase you will see Mexican photographs taken by a prominent American artist. The beautiful textile at the landing of the second floor is from Morocco. On the landings are large Mexican vases made in Tikul. The oil paintings on the second floor were done by Victor Argaez, a prominent Mexican painter. Our favorite is the Goddess of the Maize on the wall in the dining room. The large stone jaguar in the hallway was done by an artist in Cancun. Sculpted panels in the alcoves above the sliding doors depict the Mayan creation gods.

Further up the stairs you will find another beautiful painting (imported from our home in Philadelphia) and a chandelier suspended from the underbelly of the brick-covered cupola. At the top, there is a door leading to one of the most magnificent views you'll see. The rooftop has a wet bar and chaise lounges. In one corner of the roof is a triangular table with ample seating. You'll find this to be one of the most ideal places to have Margaritas while watching the sunset. On one side, you can look out at miles upon miles of untouched green jungle. On the other, the white sandy beach and endless turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

We canŽt begin to describe the joy and peace our home here has brought us and our family and friends. We hope you will take the opportunity to enjoy it as well.




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